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Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1:  I don’t want to miss anything you have going on.  What is the best way to stay informed?
Communication is a key need; for you, and for us.  We strive to offer available and advance information concerning Student Ministry’s news and events.  We work hard to ensure that you have quick access to the most current and important information through a variety of means.  The following are our most common means of communication:

e-Letter – A weekly e-mail update for parents and students highlighting the most current information for the upcoming week.  To ensure that you receive your “e-Letter”, please keep us informed of your most recent e-mail  address.

Facebook –  Calvary Student Ministry posts events and updates on a Facebook group page.

Twitter – Follow us on Twitter @CalvarySM_SC.

Website –  Take some time to look around, and let us know of any questions you may have.

Question 2:  What kinds of fundraising events do you do?
We try hard to offer excellent retreat and camp experiences at the most affordable price possible.  However, we realize that if a student wants to go on multiple trips, it can quickly become pricy.  Instead of doing dozens of small fund-raisers throughout the year, we focus all of our fundraising efforts on one BIG fundraising event each spring. 
Each student has the opportunity  to raise all of their trip funding through the Calvary Classic Golf Tournament, held each spring.  Students raise funds by selling sponsorships for the Calvary Classic.  For each sponsorship a student sells, the student gets a portion of the proceeds to pay for their trips.
The key to selling sponsorships is to start early!  Go ahead and line up potential sponsors now for next year’s Calvary Classic.

Question 3:  What can I do to support Calvary Student Ministries?


1)   Tithe faithfully to Calvary Baptist Church.  (Most Student Ministries events are funded through church budget.  When people fail to tithe, resources are cut!)
2)   Pray for the ministry! (Pray for growth in numbers, depth, and leadership.)

3)   Make a financial contribution to Student Ministries. (After tithing.)

4)   Write an encouragement letter to a small group leader.

5)   Host an event at your house.

6)   Talk up Calvary Student Ministries in the community.

7)   Help sponsor a student to summer camp.

8)   Help promote Calvary Student Ministries events in the community.

9)   Host a leader appreciation dinner at your house.

10) Volunteer to chaperone an event.

11) Encourage other adults to get involved with Student Ministries.

12) Support the Calvary Classic Golf Tournament.  (This is a benefit golf tournament held in the spring.  Proceeds benefit Student Ministry.)

13) Inquire about leading a student small group.

14) Call a small group leader and ask how you can specifically pray for them.

15) Stay informed and connected!  This will enable you to be a huge cheerleader for us!

Question 4: Is scholarship money available for your camps and retreats?

Scholarship funds are available for select Student Ministry’s trips.  Students can apply for Quarter or Half scholarships.  To be considered for a scholarship, a student must complete a confidential scholarship application and return it to the Student Ministry office by the camp registration deadline.  Applicants are responsible for paying for the trip deposit, and also any late registration fees for not signing up on time. 
The Student Ministry will respond quickly to all applications that are submitted.  Scholarships are given out based on availability and need.